How to manage your opt-ins and coregistrations (subscription to the newsletter of partners or advertisers) in Qualifio?

Aurélien Berhin -

Qualifio is a powerful and flexible application when it comes to collecting opt-ins (newsletter registrations). There are 2 options possible to include an opt-in in your Qualifio campaign : directly in the identification form or via the opt-in manager


Include an opt-in in your identification form (standard or opt-out consent)

In your form, choose a field type “checkbox opt-in” or “opt-out consents” (this feature means that users are "giving consent by not declining to give consent". In other words, they are given the option to decline consent but it is not the default option.)
Warning : an opt-in created in a form will appear in all campaigns using this form.

Manage opt-ins through the “Opt-in Manager” module

 The “Opt-in Manager” can be found in the Qualifio Manager top menu bar:


This option allows you to create and manage opt-ins (newsletter registrations) and coregistrations (partners’ newsletters), without having to include them in an identity form. The Opt-in Manager offers 3 possibilities :

  1. Opt-ins : display an opt-in under an identification form
  2. Coregistration : display an opt-in on a separate screen, after your identification form or at the end of the campaign (ideal for displaying newsletters of your partners, advertisers or other brands of your company).
  3. Display an opt-in from a coregistration partner. This option allows to monetize your traffic by bringing your advertisers through coregsitration partners. Qualifio currently has integrations with AffiniLead, Dual Opt-in and AdvertizeMe.

Opt-ins can be

  1. Checkboxes or a yes/no multiple choice
  2. Facebook opt-ins (invitation to like a Facebook page)
  3. Mandatory or Facultative
  4. Pre-checked or not

In the Opt-in Manager, for each opt-in, you can specify the following parameters:

  1. A name, a logo and a description;
  2. A language (an opt-in in English for example will only be displayed on campaigns in English)
  3. An info box (more details on an opt-in, with an image and a video)
  4. A planning (period to display this opt-in)
  5. A target (number of opt-ins to collect);
  6. A priority order (optional)
  7. A segmentation : choose the webstite(s) on which you want to display  this opt-in. For coregistration, you can also segment by gender or thematic (sport, music…)
  8. A tracking pixel (so you can track opt-in collection with your own adserver for example).
  9. The possibility to associate a CRM variable (Qualifio CRM) or your own SSO variable to send these opt-ins to your own CRM or e-mailing tool.
  10. The possibility to automatically send a welcome e-mail to new subscribers.


How to add an opt-in to your campaign ?

1. For any campaign, go to the step “Form”


2. Open the “Opt-ins” option

3. Select the opt-in(s) you want to display tor this campaign


How to add a co-registration to your campaign?

1. For any campaign, go to the step “Form”


2. Open the “Coregistrations” option
Activate the Qualifio module

4. Define :
- the introductory text to display on the top of your coregsitration page;
- the number of coregistrations to display on your page
- the appearance order of your coregistration

5. You can also define the position of your coregsitration page : just after the identification form or at the end of the campaign. 

How to find and export the profiles you collected?

  1. Campaign per campaign, via the Stats module of each campaign
  2. In a centralized way : via the Stats of the Opt-in Manager module



  1. Via the Qualifio CRM module (for this, you must have defined a CRM variable for each of your opt-ins)
    Read more:
    - How to create a CRM custom variable?
  2. Via your own CRM, DMP or E-mailing tool (contact our helpdesk for a custom integration).