How to manage your coregistration campaigns in Qualifio?

Aurélien Berhin -

This option allows you to create and manage co-registration for partner newsletters. Co-registration campaigns allow you to display an opt-in on a separate screen, after your form or at the end of the campaign (ideal for displaying newsletters of your partners, advertisers or other brands of your company).

Display an opt-in from a partner. Monetise traffic by bringing your sponsors, partners and advertisers through co-registration. Qualifio currently has integrations with AffiniLead, Dual Opt-in and AdvertizeMe.

How to add a co-registration to your campaign?

1. For any campaign, go to the step “Form”


2. Open the “Coregistration” option
Activate the Qualifio module

4. Define 
- the introductory text to display on the top of your co-registration page,
- the number of coregistration opt-ins to display on your page,
- and the appearance order of your coregistration.

5. You can also define the position of your co-registration page: just after the identification form or at the end of the campaign.

How to find and export the profiles you collected?

  1. Campaign per campaign, via the statistics of each campaign
  2. In a centralised way: via the co-registration statistics


  1. Via the Qualifio CRM module (for this, you must have defined a CRM variable for each of your opt-ins)
    Read more:
    - How to create a CRM custom variable?
  2. Via your own CRM, DMP or E-mailing tool (contact our Helpdesk for a custom integration).