How to apply a pattern to your campaign

Nicolas De Wolf -

Why use a pattern?

When you create your layout, it's important to have in mind how you will integrate it into Qualifio. In the following example, it is easier and recommended using a texture that will be repeated over the entire campaign.

This layout includes : A banner, a footer (How to add a footer in a campaign) and a pattern.

Here you can see the difference between a texture and a background image :

Advantage : you upload a smaller image, therefore lighter, that will improve the campaign's display speed. (Unlike a background image that has the size of your campaign).

How can I apply a pattern to my campaign

  1. Open a second tab in your browser with Qualifio Manager.
  2. Go into Documents > multimedia library > Upload
  3. Upload your image from your computer.
  4. Right click on the image > Choose > Copy the URL
  5. Go back into your campaign > Look & feel > CSS
  6. Enter the following code :
    body {background-image: url("XXXX");}
  7. Replace XXXX with the URL of your picture.