How to let the participant add a video or audio embed in a photo contest ?

Aurélien Berhin -

You want to organize a Dj Contest where your participants must upload their picture and a soundcloud embed ? You want to have a gallery with the picture of a football player and a Youtube video of the most beautiful goal of his carreer ?

You can give the opportunity to your participants to insert an embed coming from Soundcloud, Youtube, Instagram & Vimeo in addition of their picture in a photo contest.

You first need to create a photo contest. Create this campaign as if it was a regular photo contest and fill in the first steps.
In the question step :

  1. Create your first question and choose the upload type. This is where the participants will upload their picture.

  2. Create a second question and choose a memo field type. This is where the participants will have to insert their embed code from Soundcloud, Youtube, Instagram & Vimeo.

Publish your campaign. The embed will appear in the front office (gallery), below the picture (in the picture detail).

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