Use automatic URL redirect to pass data at the end of a campaign

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Variables make for a quick method for pre-populating existing data into a website or landing page. With a simple query added to the end of your website or landing page link, newly collected data can be stored from your Qualifio campaign. This gives you the ability to push information through the automatically redirected URL for use within your website or landing page.

In summary, you can use URL variables to pass information out of your campaign (using default CRM variables or custom CRM variables), along with participation data such as

  • the campaign's unique ID: {id}
  • the participation's unique ID: {game_id}
  • the campaign title: {title}
  • the email hash: {email_md5}

If you're looking to pass information between Qualifio campaigns, you should take a look at this article.

Constructing URL variables

Take the following example website or landing page link:

If you wanted to pass a variable with your campaign's unique ID, you could add the following to this link:


Your link would then look as follows:{id}

If you wanted to add a variable named 'campaign' with your campaign's title and also include a variable 'email' with the value of the participant's email, your link would be constructed as follows:{title}&email={email_md5}
If you need to pass special characters via a URL variable, we will encode the special characters.

URL variables in automatic redirects

Upon creation of your campaign's exit screen, select the option to Activate an automatic redirect. It is available under Exit > Automatic redirect.

Then include your URL with variables you want to pass to your website or landing page.


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