How to use the "photo editor" question type?

Nicolas De Wolf -

This question type should be used in the campaign type "Photo Contest (Upload)".

The 'Photo editor' question type allows participants to upload and edit a picture by adding a specific frame and/or logo and/or items to it. To create this type of question, select "Photo editor" in the dropdown menu where you choose your type of question.

1. Upload frames

Format: 400 x 400px

Position: The frame will be positioned on top of the picture. Do not hesitate to add logos to your frame if necessary (see example in the bottom of the article).


  • The frame can be mandatory. In this case, the first one will automatically be applied.
  • The frame can be optional. In this case, there will be a specific button that allows the participant to remove it.


2. Upload items of your choice

Recommended size: 400 x 400px (to avoid bad quality pictures)

Position: The items are positioned between the frame and the picture.


  • Stickers have to be dragged and dropped on the picture.
  • You can parameter a minimum and maximum of items to be used on the picture.
  • The items can be resized by the participant.


What will it look like in my campaign?

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