What's the difference between "time" and "server time" in the statistics?

Olivier de Lamotte -

In some campaign types (Memory, Guess-the-Word, Chrono Quiz), you might have a stopwatch that sets a limited response time.

The response time is visible in the leaderboard of the campaign (if any) as well as in the campaign statistics. Where it might get confusing is that campaign statistics show two kinds of 'time': the Time and the Server time.

What's the difference?

  • Time: This is the time the participant spent in the campaign (from the time they entered the welcome screen to the time they left the campaign). It will be shown for all types of campaign. WARNING! This time could be modified by the participant if they have good IT skills. Which is why we don't rely on this time when it comes to selecting winners.
  • Server time: This is the time the participant took to finish the game. For example, in the case of a Memory game, it would be the time the participant took to match all the cards. If you have to draw winners based on their time, we suggest you use this one.