How to set up the gallery of a photo/video contest

Tabata Vossen -

When you create a photo, video or writing contest, you can set up the look and feel of your gallery as well as the social shares of the photos, videos or texts submitted by your participants. Here's how to customize these elements:

1. Customise the look and feel of your gallery

Important: If you are working in a "Vote" campaign, you can set up your gallery in the "Vote" step > Look and feel of the gallery > Thumbnails.


If you are working in an 'Upload and display' campaign, and you don't have any voting campaign associated, you can go to the 'Settings' step > Gallery.

Galleries are always responsive and can adapt to all screens. Nonetheless, you can set up several elements for your gallery: the number of thumbnails per page, the social shares, the filters, etc.

2. Use a custom variable as a label

By default, the participations title (so the label that is associated with each photo or video) will be the name of the participant. If you wish to use another title (for example the name of the dog if you're launching a photo contest for the best dog), follow the steps below:

a. Go to the 'Questions' step and create a new question to get the information you need. In this case, you could, for instance, ask the participants what is the name of their dog.

b. Than go to the 'Settings' step > Gallery section > Options tab.

c. In 'Participations title', select 'Use data from another field' and choose the ad hoc question.


3. Set up social shares

Go to the 'Zoom' tab. In "Social networks" > "Share", select the sharing methods you wish to activate by ticking the boxes


Please note that these buttons will be displayed when one has zoomed in the photo, video or text, not in the mosaic gallery.

This is an example of a picture that was submitted by a participant and that can be shared.

Please note that the WhatsApp button will only be displayed on mobile since it is only compatible with WhatsApp mobile app.


You can also customize a sharing message for when participants 'like' or share the photo, video or text thanks to the {author} variable.

Please note that at any given moment you can preview your changes by clicking on this button: