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Qualifio is continuously aiming to improve your experience by rolling out new features and product enhancements. On this page, you will learn about the way we collect product feedback from our customers in order to make our product better and help your business succeed.

Our approach to product feedback

Here at Qualifio, we take product feedback seriously. We believe that listening to our customers, team members, and prospects is a sure way to build a better product.

Your feedback is essential to helping us shape the future of Qualifio. We use it to identify the most important features, ideas, pain points, and opportunities so that you can get more value from our product.

Please note that submitting your idea doesn’t guarantee any changes. While every piece of feedback will be read as our Product Team reviews and triages the submissions, it doesn’t necessarily ensure action.

💡 How to submit product feedback

If you have a product suggestion or an idea about how a feature could be improved, we’d love to hear more!

To get started:

  1. Log into your Qualifio account, and click on the Suggest a feature menu on the right of the window to access our feedback and feature request area.
  2. Click on the first option, Make a suggestion.
  3. You’ll be taken to the submission form, where you’ll need to type in your feedback. If you find that another customer has made a similar suggestion, give it a +1 by hitting the I want this! button, and you’ll be emailed whenever a new comment is added or the status is changed.
  4. If you can’t find feedback like yours, then you can go ahead and submit your own. The more information you can provide the better. If required, you can upload files to help make your suggestion clearer.
  5. Click Submit request when you are finished.

What does an actionable product feedback submission look like?

To make your request more impactful, here are 4 tips for good feedback:

  • Make your title concise and descriptive. This will help others find and upvote your feedback. Also, please write in English. 
  • Clearly outline what your ultimate goal is. What problem are you trying to solve with your suggestion? Our Product Team members are experts at troubleshooting and problem-solving. We may be able to help you find a feature or a solution that already exists!
  • Provide additional context. Feel free to add a comment with any additional information or context around why this change would be helpful for you (for ex. how this suggestion will improve your daily workflow). You can even attach some screenshots to help us see what you’re experiencing!
  • Highlight any workarounds. How are you currently getting around or solving this problem?

We don’t expect you to know all the answers, but feel free to get creative with what you think would work!

On the practical side, we also recommend including one suggestion per post and refraining from posting personal information.

What happens after I submit the request?

Our Success, Support and Product Teams periodically meet to review suggestions – at which point they may reach out to ask follow-up questions or even arrange a call to discuss your specific use case or problem further. Then they’ll track those suggestions for a while to see which ones receive more support.

A great example of the results of this process is Qualifio’s Wheel of Fortune. We received over 40 product feedback submissions offering suggestions on how this type of campaign could help improve our platform. These submissions were an important driver in our Product Team’s decision to invest in building this new format!

Roadmapping meetings occur quarterly. This is when our Management Team meets to discuss prioritisation of submitted feedback and trends that we are seeing.

On our roadmap, we group our goals and plans into five strategic categories called “themes”:

  • Back-office and analytics
  • GDPR and privacy
  • Integrations
  • Participant experience and engagement
  • Performance and stability

Roadmap themes are based on the major problems we can solve for our users – or high-level customer needs, if you prefer. The point is, as more feedback comes in with similar topics, submissions are grouped together to demonstrate the growing impact of investing in a specific theme.

When reading through feedback, we’re primarily evaluating the level of impact that an update could have on all of our users. The larger the impacted audience, the more likely that feedback would be prioritised.

Once we know which theme we're going to work on next, the Product team will provide a status regarding the feedback.

Definition of Qualifio suggestion statuses

Not reviewed

Our Product team has not reviewed this suggestion yet. Usually, they will provide a status within 2-3 months.

Awaiting feedback

This suggestion is under consideration by the team for future development. Our Product team is gathering feedback and additional use cases regarding this suggestion. Please add your comments and support this suggestion so we can prioritise it accordingly.


This suggestion is on our roadmap. We will post an update when we start working on it.

Building This suggestion is part of the current product roadmap theme.
Released This suggestion has been delivered and is generally available. Should we realise a feature that a customer has been requesting, we will notify everyone who has submitted related feedback.
Declined This suggestion is not under consideration for the current or for the next roadmap theme. It might also refer to an existing feature in Qualifio.

If your submission is not a product feature or suggestion, it may be removed.

If you need to report a problem or have a question about the product that requires a more immediate or direct response, go to and use the Submit a request menu to connect with our Support staff.

Viewing and prioritising your requests

If you’ve voted for more than one request, you’ll see your requests under My Priorities:


You can adjust the sliding bars to reflect your priorities. The more weight you give to your most important requests, the less weight is given to other, less important ones.

Be sure to prioritise your requests – that way, we will know if a particular request is important to you.

Email notifications

We use a third-party service called Pendo Feedback to help us engage with our customers on feature requests in an easy and effective manner.

By default, you’ll receive email notifications when:

  • a request you’ve submitted is updated or commented on,
  • a request you’ve voted on is updated or commented on,
  • an email is sent to you, asking for your feedback.

You can manage your email preferences by clicking the links in the footer of any email you receive from Pendo Feedback, or by clicking on your profile (top right), then Email settings:



How long will it be before the product team reviews my idea?

Items will be reviewed by Qualifio’s product team every other week; we take the new requests and update the status where appropriate. Roadmapping meetings occur quarterly.

My request hasn’t been reviewed yet and I submitted it 6+ months ago. What can I do?

If we haven’t reviewed your request and it is a high priority for you:

  • Make sure it’s at the top of your priority list.
  • Make sure your request is clear. Why do you need this? What is stopping you from doing? Please add these details as a comment on your idea.
  • Have your colleagues upvote your request.

How can I see what features are coming soon?

Head to the feedback portal to view our roadmap!

Click on the link on the “new tab” icon in the top menu:


Then click on Roadmap in the left menu to see a graphical representation of what we have planned for the future:


Our product roadmap is always subject to change. It is not a commitment, promise or obligation to deliver any specific features. Customers should make any purchasing decisions on Qualifio product features that are already available.

Thank you for your feedback, understanding, and support as we work together to build the best platform possible!

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