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Want to give your respondents instant feedback when they answer a quiz question? It’s simple to do using Answer justifications.

You can provide a justification for correct and/or incorrect answers in various quiz formats:

  • Classic quiz
  • Chrono quiz
  • Quiz with cumulative points
  • Image-based quiz on one page (Buzzfeed type)

Here’s what it might look like:


How to display a justification for the answers to a question

Everything happens in the Questions step of your quiz. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a dedicated menu. Here are your options:

You can use various options at the same time. For instance, you can choose to display both a “right answer” or “wrong answer” indicator and a justification for those answers.

How to customize the justification

In each question, you have a Justification tab. Click on it. There, you will be able to enter an explanation for correct and/or incorrect answers:

Tip! Don’t forget to indicate the correct answer(s) in each of your questions :-)



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