Adding a cookie banner to your Qualifio minisite

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Why a cookie banner?

Qualifio places technical cookies on visitors' browsers to help your campaign run effectively, provide the best experience for your visitors, and help you learn more about traffic to your campaigns.

On a Qualifio minisite, you can add a cookie banner to inform visitors about its cookies, as may be required by certain laws.


Note: Cookie notice requirements vary depending on your location and cookie use. While we provide a sample text in the example above, you shouldn't assume that it satisfies your particular legal requirements.


How to add a cookie banner

Either you have your own cookie banner provider and, in that case, you may want to go for a custom integration with our team...

...or you don't have your own cookie banner provider and you just want to let your visitors know that cookies are being collected. Which is what this tutorial will help you achieve with the help of the "Cookie Consent by Insites" open-source software.

To display a cookie notice banner:

  1. Go to "Cookie Consent by Insites" software's website;
  2. Setup your cookie banner by configuring its position, layout, links, and texts;
  3. Under Learn more link, add a link to your privacy or cookie policy;
  4. In the Compliance type menu, check "Just tell users that we use cookies";
  5. Click Custom text to add your own message;
  6. Copy the code that now displays in the right column;
  7. Paste this code in your campaign to be published on a minisite > Look and feel step > Edit the minisite > Advanced Settings > HTML;
  8. Click Apply the HTML;

  9. Don't forget to click Save the minisite to make it a template and display this cookie notice banner everytime you use this minisite template.


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