How to connect Qualifio and Mailchimp?

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For Mailchimp users, it makes plenty of sense to directly push profiles that checked a specific opt-in in a Qualifio campaign to Mailchimp - with or without a double opt-in process managed by Mailchimp.

Via Zapier

This integration can be done in a few minutes by using Qualifio Webhook & Zapier.

In order for us to activate your webhook on the event 'New Participation', as explained in the video, we need you to share with us the URL that will be provided by Zapier in the first step of this video tutorial. Don't hesitate to open a ticket for any questions.



What is is a platform enabling its user to easily map data coming from one source to one or several destinations. It is specialized in marketing softwares. We can use it to map Qualifio CRM variables to the variables used in other systems.

E.g. “locality” in Qualifio = “City” in Mailchimp
You can find the pricing of here:


Account creation and set-up tool

  1. Create your Account in
  2. Link Mailchimp as Datasource (From 0 until 0:46 on this video)
  3. Create a data blend in (start from blank)
  4. Communicate the GET curl to your Qualifio account so we can activate the push of data to Blendr and tell them the business name you want for this flow in Qualifio (eg: - Push Mailchimp)
  5. Qualifio activates the push to Blendr in Qualifio Data Pushes (settings)

Start the data mapping in

Now the connection is set up, you can create a mapping between Qualifio fields and the ones in Mailchimp under certain conditions.

  1. Add a Condition: For instance: Only pushing data if opt-in is checked.
    1. Participate in a Qualifio campaign where the ‘push’ is activated. This way, you will have real data in Blendr and the mapping will be much easier.
    2. Add the ‘Condition’ block (see below)
    3. For Argument 1, enter the CRM variable of your opt-in and make it equal to “1” (Argument 2) (see below)


2. Add Or Update the participant in your Mailchimp list

    1. Add a block Mailchimp: “Add Or Update List Member”
    2. Choose your list and map the fields for first name, last name, email + additional custom fields. (see below)


3. Add Or Remove the Interest (also called Groups) of the participant

    1. Add a block Mailchimp: “Add Or Remove Member Interest”
    2. Put the email of the participant you just updated in the step before
    3. Update the Listid, Group Category Id and Group Id.


You can add as many conditions as possible (different opt-ins leading to different lists, different Member Interests, etc.)

Once completed, Save your Data Blend and run some tests by participating in your Qualifio campaign connected to the data blend.

Congratulations! Your connection is up and running.

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