How to create a Team Selector

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This slideshow provides easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, demonstrating how to create a Team Selector using Qualifio: 


Or create your Team Selector in 6 easy steps:

1. Select a sport

The Team Selector is available for the following sports: football, ice hockey, basketball, cycling, field hockey, rugby, or tennis.

To select a sport, simply click on its icon:


2. Define a number of players to be selected

Define the number of players to select and compose the team. The participants will only be able to validate their selection when they will have selected this exact number of players.

Depending on the sport you selected, a default number of players will be proposed (e.g. 5 players for a basketball team).

To change it, you can simply enter a new number in the box:


3. Add your team's players

For each sport, you get a pre-built composition with different categories or positions (e.g. in field hockey, you have a goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders and forwards, whereas, for cycling, you only have... well, cyclists). You can edit the name of the categories –for instance, if you want to phrase a question:


For each player, you can upload a picture and enter a name ("label", which you can hide later).

You may have noticed that, for each category, can also choose a minimum and a maximum number of players (e.g. you may want participants to be able to select only one goalkeeper, but 3 to 5 defenders for their starting lineup). The participants will have the freedom to make up their team as they wish while having the right number of players.

4. Choose a field template

Now, go to the Exit step of your campaign creation. Under Selection's field, you can choose a field template. The "field template" is the background image participants will see once they have validated their selection. Currently, there are between 3 and 9 different designs to choose from, depending on which sport you selected.


5. Quickly customise the look and feel of your campaign

Go to the Look and feel step and click Change look and feel:


6. Publish online using the link or integration tag provided

For that, you'll have to go back to the Channels step ;)

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