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Qualifio gives you full flexibility on how you choose winners for your contest. You can download participant data and manually choose a winner (merging statistics for campaigns published in multiple languages), or you can use our built-in winner management tool to select winners and avoid dealing with personal data transfers. This documentation will explain in detail how to draw winners for your contest.

Instant wins: For instant win formats, winners are picked automatically and directly in the campaign. The participants will know immediately whether or not they have won and will therefore not have to wait for the results to be announced. The prize is typically shown directly on the exit screen, just after the participant has completed the registration process.

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Getting there
How do I select winners?
How do I delete a winner and select a new one?
Assigning the prizes
Announcing and contacting winners
Frequently Asked Questions

Video overview

For a helpful overview of how to draw winners, check out the video below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Now let's look in detail at the options available to select winners with Qualifio:

Getting there

  1. In your Qualifio dashboard, find the campaign you want.
  2. Go to your campaign's Statistics tab.
  3. Click Detailed report.
  4. Select the Winners tab at the top of the page:


How do I select winners?

How many participants would you like to pick? When the Winners tab opens, you can choose how many winners you want to draw. Simply enter the total number of winners you want to select.


Filters to select winners

If you want the draw to be made among the participants who meet some specific requirements, click "Filter". The application will display a number of filters that you can use on your draw to meet the needs of your contest.

Filter by date

You can choose the filters you want to apply, such as the time period you want to draw winners from.


If you want to draw winners from a specific time frame, simply click and choose from the calendar.


Can the same participant win more than once? We currently draw winners based on participations, not unique participants. This means that there is a chance that the same person wins more than once. Before clicking the draw button, you have the option of preventing our system to draw the same person more than once. Simply check this feature before drawing your winners if you want to exclude participants who have already won a contest.


Tip: UGC contests offer you the option to moderate entries before they appear in the gallery. In that case, you can select the option “Exclude participations that have been moderated negatively” to make sure entries that do not adhere to the rules are not eligible to win a prize.

Choose from the top participants only

Qualifio also gives you an option to select winners among participants with the highest scores and you can also choose to pick winners only from the pool of participants that have answered a question correctly.

Once your dates, filters and conditions are set up correctly, click the "Draw" button and you will see a list of winners, with their names and emails.


I randomly selected my winners, now what?

Once your winners are picked, you'll see the selection on the page. At this point, you can still exit the process entirely without picking anyone. You'll also see a button that reads Add to winners, which effectively adds selected winners to the winner list.

I want to "add the winners", but the option doesn't show.

The Add to winners button only shows in contests that have prizes. Our winner management tool is based on prizes that you have added, so if you want to draw winners and add them to the winner list please ensure you have prizes in the contest.

From here, you can also download the contact information of the winners using the "Export list" options and then you can contact them.

How do I delete a winner and select a new one?

If for any reason you need to delete a winner and choose someone else, simply pick that winner again. This can be done simply with the Remove selected winners button. Pick a new winner and you're done!


Allocating the prizes

How do you want to allocate the prizes?

  • Automatically: You can click on the "Assign prizes automatically" button to begin the random allocation of the prizes to the winners.
  • By "manual assignment": You can manually allocate the prizes to the winners with drag & drop.

Once you are happy with your selection, confirm the winners via the Save winner list button:


Announcing and contacting winners

Once you have chosen your winners, they can be shown publicly on the "Winners" tab in the setup of your campaign.

Note: It's not mandatory to show the winners tab for the system to work (by default, it is not shown). In order for the winners to be shown, you just need to go to the step Settings > Rules, winners & contact > Winners.

In this tab, you can enter the list of winners. It will be public and visitors will be able to see it. We recommend not to reveal the full name of the winners (e.g. just the first name and the first letter of the last name).

Use the email options to inform the winners by email

Once the winners have been selected, a good practice is to send them an email.

Here you can write the message that the winners will receive:


Note: You can insert the name of the prize in the email using the {gifttitle} dynamic variable.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which types of campaigns can I select a winner?

You can draw winners in any type of campaign, with the exception of

  • Instant win formats, including jackpots and wheels of fortunes (see top of article)
  • Anonymous campaigns (drawing winners requires that you contact them)
  • Promotional pop-ups

At what stage can I select a winner?

You don't have to wait until the contest is over to draw winners. In fact, you can draw them anytime when running a contest: before publishing (in the scenario where you wish to run tests), during or at the end of your campaign.

Will you contact my winners?

No, Qualifio will never contact the winners of your contests. After you draw your winners we will provide you with their information and it will be up to you to reach out to them.

Can I draw daily or weekly winners?

Yes, you can draw winners whenever you would like by simply visiting the statistics' Winners tab to make a new draw each day or week (it can't be automated).

What about test participations?

Before the campaign starts, you can use the purge option. The purge removes statistics data from the system, which means you essentially start fresh again.

If the campaign has already started, you can manually delete a participation row from the statistics table by selecting that row and pressing Remove participations.

How does Qualifio draw winners in contests?

We use a randomisation algorithm: “Fisher-Yates shuffle”.

Attention: If your campaign attracts over 100,000 participations, the winners will be randomly drawn from the 100,000 most recent ones. You can use Excel to randomly pick winners as a workaround.

We're here to help

We hope that drawing the winners is now easier. Have more questions? Simply click the help icon to get in touch!

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