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Qualifio's Global Stats allow you to see your overall account statistics in one place.

How do you access the Global Stats?

When in your account, you can access this dashboard by choosing "Global Stats" in the menu bar at the top of the page:


Please keep in mind that, by default, only the Admins of the account can view Global Stats.

Anatomy of the Global Stats

Let us explain what you'll find in this section. Global Stats have four main parts:

  • Overview, which is designed to give you, well, an overview of what's happening in your account.
  • Useful charts, which presents a series of eight pie charts based on websites and campaign types.
  • Most popular campaigns, the place you'll go to find your top 20 campaigns based on the number of participations, unique participants and new participants.
  • Opt-ins, which includes charts and different metrics related to opt-in collection.

Note: The number of unique participants can help you know the number of different users who participated in your campaigns. However, it's a metric that is tricky to calculate. In the Global Stats, we use email addresses, which differs from the campaign statistics, where we currently use a combination of email addresses and first and last names. For further information, please visit this link.

But that's not all we have for you! You can also check on the Participations by UTM parameters and User agents:


For more information on UTM parameters, we’ve put together this quick guide.

How does it work?

Temporarily applying filters on the dashboard

The Global Stats can have one or more filters that affect all of the widgets. You can see the filters at the top of the page:


For instance, by default, the charts visualise aggregate data from the last 365 days, but the filters at the top of the page can show the stats for "today", this month, the last seven days, and more.


  • Filters can be combined as desired, but only one value can be selected from each dimension (except for websites and campaigns).
  • Filter options are dynamic. Based on the selection(s) in one filter, the options for additional filters will be reduced or enhanced!
  • Filters have an immediate effect. Once you have edited the filter as you like, it will immediately affect your data.

⚠️ You can choose which countries to filter on in the dashboard. But how does the country filter work? This filter doesn't include the countries your participants are from; it includes the primary countries of your Qualifio websites. For example, if the website's primary country is "United Kingdom", then when you click on this filter you will only see participations that happened on websites linked to this country.

You can also click any chart wedge to drill down and display details on that particular segment:


Downloading data from the Global Stats

Qualifio Admins can see important information about downloading data on the Export data documentation page.

To download the entire dashboard, select the export button at the top right. This opens a dialogue box that allows you to select PDF or PNG as your download format:


You can download your entire dashboard as a PDF or PNG, which means you will get a PDF or PNG image of the dashboard filters and all the dashboard widgets.

Downloading data from dashboard widgets

To download data from a widget, click the export button on the widget. This opens a dialogue box with several options:


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