How to use Gigya Lite Registration with Qualifio

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Lite Registration is a way for participants to engage with your campaign without having to register with a full account, using only their email address and no password. Users can later choose to convert their passwordless accounts into fully registered accounts (using Gigya SSO). This helps you connect with customers earlier in the buyer journey.

Lite Registration and Gigya SSO

  • You're using Gigya Lite Registration without Gigya SSO: Qualifio will create Lite accounts in your Gigya database. However, these accounts cannot be converted to fully registered accounts and participants can't know what information you have about them because they don't have the possibility to log into your "member portal" or "client area". With Qualifio, you can run retargeting campaigns to enrich Lite accounts and thus get to know your audience better.
  • You're using Gigya Lite Registration and Gigya SSO, but only Lite Registration is connected to Qualifio: Qualifio will create Lite accounts in your Gigya database. Outside Qualifio, you have the possibility to retarget these profiles, for example via e-mail, in order to convert them into fully registered accounts. However, without integration with Gigya SSO, Qualifio will never know whether there is a fully registered account or not. Qualifio will mainly be used to generate leads, which can then be converted (or not) into fully registered accounts. You will also be able to conduct lead nurturing campaigns and gradually increase the knowledge of your leads.
  • Both Gigya Lite Registration and Gigya SSO are connected to Qualifio: If you use the native integration between Gigya SSO and Qualifio, there is no check as to whether the participant already has an account in your Gigya database. The identity matching will be done with the participant's email address and the latest data will be pushed to overwrite the existing data, which means that a fully registered account could be overwritten by a Lite account. To avoid this, you can request a custom integration with Gigya SSO.


To quickly implement Lite Registration on your Qualifio account, follow these steps.

  • If you have not yet enabled the integration in your account, do so now. Navigate to your Settings > Integrations & partners > Gigya Lite Registration and click its toggle.


  • Select the Configure button.


  • In the configuration screen, enter your Gigya Secret, Gigya User Key and Gigya API Key. For details on these, see with your Gigya expert.


  • Once you have filled out those fields, save your updated configuration screen.
  • You can now deploy Gigya Lite Registration on your campaigns. Navigate to your campaign > Form step > Single Sign-On (SSO) and select Gigya Lite Registration.


It is not possible to enable integrations with Gigya SSO and Gigya Lite Registration in the same campaign.
  • When users participate using Lite Registration, they will have an email-based account on your site.


The profile information is saved in the campaign statistics and pushed to Gigya. Sending the data to Gigya is done in real time so you can start using it for segmentation and targeted real-time marketing right away.

For identified campaigns with Gigya Lite Registration enabled, a Lite account will be created in the Gigya database each time a form is submitted, without checking whether the profile already exists.

What data is pushed to Gigya?

Qualifio CRM variable Gigya parameter Example value Description
{firstname} profile.firstName John, Jane  
{lastname} profile.lastName Doe  
{gender} profile.gender f/m/u  
{birthday} profile.birthDay
{phone} profile.phones.number 0487 66 49251  
{address} profile.address Rue de Birmingham 280 Contains the name of the street, the number and the box
{number} profile.address    
{box} profile.address    
{locality} Diest  
{zipcode} 3290  
{country} Belgium  
{function} Advertising Director  
{company} Spotify  

What about opt-ins?

Opt-ins can only be included for custom integrations.

Looking to build a custom integration between Qualifio and Gigya Lite Registration for your business? Let’s talk!

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