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Would you like to require that participants read and agree to your contest rules before they are allowed to submit a form? Supposedly, you would have a form in your campaign that at the bottom asks participants to "accept the rules" or something similar. In this tutorial, we'll share two easy ways to create a required agreement checkbox.

To get started, you'll need to either create a new opt-in or edit an existing opt-in from the Opt-ins section.

Since we want to be sure all participants agree to these rules before the form can be submitted, we'll also check the Required option. That way, if the participant doesn't check the box, the form will not be submitted and the participant won't be able to continue.


The two methods use a pop-up to inform participants of your contest rules and a checkbox that they must check to show agreement. The difference is that the first option will display a pop-up when clicking on a tooltip (question mark next to the text), while the second option will display a pop-up when clicking on a link.

Where to add "I agree" checkboxes

Add an "I agree" checkbox with a tooltip

Here is an example of how to do this:


Clicking on the checkbox or the label text will change the checkbox state.

Once your opt-in is set up, one easy way to implement the "I agree" or "I accept" checkbox is through the "Info box", which you can set up in the Opt-ins. You can add your rules text to the Text area.


The pop-up would look like this:


However, this method isn't the most practical to implement in cases where you are updating your policy, terms or rules with every campaign. Alternatively, if you want to show participants a set of rules that are specific to each campaign so they can read and accept it, you should use the second method below.

Add an "I agree" checkbox with a text link

Here is an example of how to do this:


Now that you've got your opt-in ready to go, you need a Rules document to link to. Either save and exit the opt-in or open a new tab to go to your campaign. Click on Settings > Rules to upload or write your contest rules:


Once this is done, the rules will be placed into a special button on the top right of your campaign.


From there, you'll need to return to your opt-in.

To create a link to this Rules document, you'll need to modify your opt-in text to include some basic code using the Source mode of the editor. For our example, we will only link the words "contest rules":

<p>I agree to the <a href="#" onclick="$('#s_reglement').click();">contest rules</a></p>

The pop-up would look like this:


It is also possible to hide the "Rules" button on the top right and just show the pop-up on click. Here's some sample CSS code to get you started:

#s_reglement {
display: none !important;

Add an "I agree" checkbox on the welcome screen

Generally, the earlier in the relationship between your campaign and your participants that you present an "I agree" checkbox, the better. This ensures that from the very beginning, you'll have the agreement that you need. To do this, you'll need to open your Rules and check the box labelled "Request a read confirmation on the welcome screen".


However, sometimes people can be reluctant to accept on the welcome screen (or you don't want a welcome screen), so you can use one of the methods above instead.

That's it! We hope this tutorial helped you to require participants to agree to your contest rules before submitting a form.

Next, would you like to verify a participant's age in a campaign? Be sure to check out our tutorial on doing this for all the details.

Do you have any questions? Let us know.

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