Better than ever: the new Qualifio statistics dashboard

Tabata Vossen -

Sometimes, you have to make smart, data-driven decisions quickly to drive your business forward. That’s why we’ve developed a new statistics Dashboard: to help you analyse the success of your campaigns at a glance.


Up to now, your statistics were divided into 2 modules: the Light report and the Detailed report, each of which gave you a different insight into participants’ behaviour.


Starting 31 January 2019, we’re rolling out a new statistics Dashboard that will allow you to better monitor your campaign activity. The Dashboard will eventually replace the Light and Detailed reports.

What benefits can I expect from the new dashboard?

  • Simplifies the way we process data and delivers reports on the performance of a campaign more quickly;
  • Displays campaign statistics and data in a more dynamic and adaptable layout;
  • Provides all current reports in one convenient place.

What happens with my statistics?

This puts an end to the Light and Detailed statistics modules, and your statistics data will gradually be migrated to the new Dashboard.

So, if you have been a keen user of our Light or Detailed report, fear not; past data have been (or will be) migrated to be found on the new Dashboard.

As part of this migration process, the former light module will no longer be available as of 31 January 2019.


This is just the beginning, so keep an eye on the statistics page ;)