How to fix opt-in or form not showing on your list

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You have created an opt-in or a form in Qualifio and do not see them available when you create a campaign? There are several reasons why your opt-ins and forms may not show in your campaign. In this article, we'll show you how to solve this problem. Let us examine some solutions you can try...

Is your opt-in not displaying?

Firstly, if the opt-in is one that you've just created, chances are you won't see it in your campaign (unless you have expressly made it available).

To access the availability rules, click the "Opt-ins" which will reveal a list of all your existing opt-ins. After locating the particular opt-in which won't show up in your campaign, click "Edit".

This will take you to the opt-in settings. Click "Availability per website" > double check if you have any rule that is preventing your opt-in from showing. At a bare minimum, ensure your opt-in is available on the website on which your campaign will be published.


Secondly, if your opt-in is available on that website and is still not showing in your campaign, you need to check your opt-in language to ensure you have not created an opt-in in a language that is different from your campaign's.


Finally, ensure that your opt-in is activated by checking the switch on the left in the opt-in listing page.


Now when you edit your campaigns you should see the opt-in and be able to use it.

If you checked the availability and language and your opt-in is still not showing up in your campaign, kindly shoot us an email through the support channel.

Is your form not displaying?

Let's head over to "Forms" within Content.

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Now scroll down to the form that you want to have available in your Qualifio campaigns. Click the pencil icon (edit icon) over to the right side of your list.

Once you are on the form edit screen, check the language selected to ensure the form is not in a language that is different from your campaign's.


Then click the green "Save" button to save the changes.

You should now find that your form appears within your campaign.

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