How do I delete personal data if a person asks?

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Personal data is any data that can be used to identify someone. This includes things such as a name, a photo or an email address. Requests to delete such data can be quickly managed inside the GDPR Toolbox thanks to bulk, manual or automatic erasure.

Bulk user erasure lets you delete all personal data within a given date range.


If one of your participants would like you to delete all of their data ("request to be forgotten"), then you can erase data for this one participant by using Manual user erasure.


User data retention allows you to set up automatic erasures that need to happen on an ongoing basis for compliance. The retention rule can be customised based on your own data retention policy. The data retention period in Qualifio is defined by your DPO and can range from 1 week to 2 years. Read more on GDPR – Manage your data retention period.


Personal data erasures must be approved by a DPO

When you want to manually erase personal data, you’ll need to go through the following steps:

  • Use the search to find the subject whose data you want to erase.
  • Select the profile(s) to erase by checking the box beside it.
  • Select Delete.
  • Specify why you want to erase personal data and which matter is concerned.


  • Users with DPO permission will be notified of your request via email.
  • We'll email you if and when your request is approved.
  • Once it's approved, we'll erase the requested data.

What data is erased?

During a personal data erasure the following data is erased:

  • All personal information collected via registration forms. By removing the participant's personal information from their participation, it will be anonymised.
  • If the "Delete anonymous data upon data erasure" setting is enabled, the whole participation will be erased. Note that this will affect reports too (i.e. the data would not be available in your campaign statistics anymore).

You may also erase personal data via Qualifio's GDPR Toolbox API.

More information on the GDPR Toolbox

You will find more detailed information about the GDPR Toolbox features in these support articles:

Alternatively, you can also contact our experts personally.

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