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The GDPR logs are a "dashboard" that allows DPOs to monitor personal data operations performed in the account.

As a user with DPO permission, you can view what personal data is being processed in near real-time. These logs allow you to troubleshoot problems if you spot unusual behaviour or access to personal data in your account.


We collect logs for actions such as

  • viewing or exporting analysed data (opt-in statistics, campaign statistics),
  • viewing or exporting selected CRM records,
  • viewing details about export or erasure requests (access by clicking the tooltip icon),
  • viewing or exporting a list of users from Qualifio,
  • removing campaign statistics from the system using the purge option.

More information on the GDPR Toolbox

You will find more detailed information about the GDPR Toolbox features in these support articles:

Alternatively, you can also contact our experts personally.

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