Where can I see the roadmap of Qualifio?

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Our product roadmap shares what we’re working on next and where we are heading. This helps us have customer conversations about the future of Qualifio.

What's a product roadmap?

Our “product roadmap” provides a peek into what we’re currently working on, what’s coming up and what was recently launched to improve our application 🚀

Why we make our roadmap available to our users

At Qualifio, we believe in being 100% transparent about everything we build. That’s why our roadmap is a freely accessible page that we invite our customers to view.

How can I find the roadmap of Qualifio?

Here’s how you can find it:

  1. Go to Qualifio at https://manager.qualifio.com/
  2. Click: Suggest a feature
  3. Click the “expand” icon to open the feedback portal
  4. Click: Roadmap
  5. Check it out!


For our release notes, visit this link.

Of course, there are (and always will be) dozens of features that we could build but haven’t yet. We’ve previously discussed how we prioritise what to build, in Qualifio’s Product Feedback Policy.

Please note that our roadmap is constantly evolving. While we know the direction we’re heading, our priorities need to remain as flexible as possible in order to be able to react to changing market trends, opportunities and feedback.

So here you go. Feedback or questions on our roadmap? Get in touch with Qualifio’s Head of Product: Olivier de Lamotte.

Submit an idea

Last but not least, our users have the floor!

While, as you can see in our roadmap, we already have great plans for improving our product, we are also always open to your great ideas!

If you are a Qualifio customer, you can voice your opinion by adding new ideas and voting for the features you’d like us to implement. This will allow us to build the product you want, faster.

Learn how you can submit a feature idea and how we manage your requests and development priorities.

Thanks for following our progress!

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