Find your campaign ID

Tabata Vossen -

The campaign's unique ID is a string of numbers that connects to your campaign. You have this ID automatically. This article will show you how to locate it.

Each Qualifio campaign has a unique campaign ID. This ID is used to refer to the campaign in some apps and services.

To find your Qualifio campaign numeric ID:

  • Go to Campaigns, click on the name of the campaign.
  • Check the URL in the box above (browser bar).
  • At the end, there is a 6-digit number unique to your campaign. That is your campaign ID.

The URL will be like:



Have your campaign ID ready when you contact Qualifio customer support. Providing the ID of your campaign can help us evaluate and get the issue sorted faster.

Struggling to find your campaign ID? In that case, you can just give us your campaign title instead.