Integration of 3rd party games

Tabata Vossen -

We’re integrating third-party games to make Qualifio a hub for your favourite game applications. Read the documentation to learn more.

This feature is not available in the Qualifio platform but it is available via the Qualifio Studio.

The logic behind custom games

Qualifio provides a wide selection of campaign types (explore our catalogue here). But there are as many game formats as there are audience groups. And every organisation has its own favourites due to different gameplays, business needs or requirements…

That’s why we can integrate custom games into your Qualifio campaigns.

Extend Qualifio campaigns with in-house or 3rd party games

If you’ve found the ideal game concept for you and if it’s not yet available in Qualifio, our offer to integrate selected external games might interest you.

This is ideal for you if your company has a big event coming up on its calendar and you want to:

  • work with a specialised studio or agency (3rd party) to create a unique game mechanic,
  • or build a completely customised one with your own developers (in house).

If you can build it, we can connect it to Qualifio in a way that benefits you.

Keep control over data processes

Integrate 3rd party games into your usual, secure data collection workflows.

The issue of data silos and importing or migrating data from one platform to another is complex. If you are using the Qualifio platform for your data collection activities, you might want to keep it your central hub for all interactive content and game activities. Adding a custom game in Qualifio would make it more comfortable to launch this game, especially if the Qualifio platform is already connected to external services.

Read the documentation to learn more.

If you have a custom game that you would like to see connected to Qualifio, please contact us!