How do Campaign Thematics work?

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Campaign Thematics are tags that can be assigned to specific campaigns. For instance, you might have campaigns that are about sports or music and you might want to tag them accordingly. If you're looking to build segments and qualify your audience, they may just be what you need.

How does it work?

Campaign Thematics are selected at the campaign level, so everything that results from that campaign will be tagged accordingly. For instance, the profile of participants to a campaign whose thematic is 'sports' will be tagged as belonging to a 'sports' segment.

This data can also be found in our standard webhook payload to be sent to external tools. Learn more about the data structure of the webhook payload.


You can also use Campaign Thematics to automate the publication of campaigns. By using Campaign Feeds, you can build a dedicated section on your website that will hold Qualifio campaigns and display them based on conditions and filters you have defined.

Steps to set up a Thematic and then link it to appropriate campaigns

  1. Select Settings from the navigation bar.
  2. Select Thematics.
  3. Click on Add new.
  4. Enter a code (max. 10 letters and/or numbers).
  5. Enter a description (or name) for your thematic and then click Create.

    After creating a thematic, the panel will show that your thematic is ready to be assigned to campaigns.

  6. Go to your campaign > Settings > Filters > Thematics


Thematics can be removed from campaigns by clicking on the cross.

Remember to click Save or Save and continue to confirm the assignment or removal of thematics.

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