How to fix “Message too large” error

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Qualifio has a maximum email message size of 200 kilobytes (KB). If you see this error, your message is exceeding the maximum size that Qualifio supports for sending an email message.

Note: 1 MB (megabyte) is 1024 KB (kilobyte), so in our case, 200 KB is 0.2 MB.

Wait, wait, wait... why is this a problem?

Due to technical constraints, if your message content is too large, we won’t be able to send it to participants.

To be able to send it, you need to make your message smaller. Doing that should remove the error.


First of all, try to inspect the HTML code of the message by selecting Source. When trying to copy/paste the email message from a third-party tool, it is common that huge unnecessary elements are introduced (such as format or layout information).

If that doesn’t help, we suggest that you check to see if you can limit the size of your email to less than 200 KB. For example, if you have large pictures, a workaround is to simply compress the picture files with Compress JPEG or a similar tool.

If that still doesn't help, or if you don't want to do that, a final option is that you can contact our tech support – they might be able to help.

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