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This page is dedicated to showing you all the ways that you can use Qualifio APIs to make cool stuff. 

GDPR Toolbox API

Use Qualifio's GDPR Toolbox API to delete data sets from your account.

  • The GDPR Toolbox API is a simple and standardised way of deleting data in your database.
  • The API makes it easy to retrieve, export and destroy profiles right from your CRM.
  • See also our GDPR API documentation

Campaign Feed API

Build personalised content experiences with our Campaign Feeds.

  • The Campaign Feed API makes it very simple to automatically publish your campaigns to your CMS without human intervention
  • Access current, upcoming, or expired campaigns
  • Campaign feed is automatically updated based on filters and content you selected
  • Retrieve campaigns from your account for particular domains, status, languages, themes
  • Data is available in JSON and XML
  • Available for Silver, Gold and Platinum accounts
  • See also our Campaign feeds documentation

About Webhooks

Retrieve and store data based on participations in Qualifio.

See our Webhooks documentation


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