What is the Monitoring and how should I use it?

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Use our monitoring to track the status of Qualifio integrations with your marketing and data systems. 

Use the Qualifio Monitoring dashboard to see how your integrations are performing. The dashboard provides multiple views for you to check your running integrations.

For whom? The Monitoring is only for account Admins.

Benefits: Real-time insights in your integrations.

You can use the following tabs:

Monitoring tab

On the Monitoring tab, you see a list of your installed integrations and a snapshot of how they are performing.

This view provides the following details:

  • The total number of initiated pushes/calls.
  • The success rate of these pushes/calls.
  • The number of business errors (e.g. wrong password).
  • The number of failed pushes/calls. Click to access the details of the errors.
  • The number of cancelled pushes/calls.

Upon selection, you can choose to monitor data pushes from yesterday, today, the last week, 2 weeks, month or from the last 3 months. You may also select a customised date range.

Note: You can choose to display raw numbers or percentages.

Campaigns tab

Monitor the correct functioning of your integrations and pushes on a per campaign basis.

Emailing reports

Receive daily or weekly summary email notifications of your integrations. Summary emails are grouped by campaigns.

Interested? Please contact your Qualifio expert to make this request.

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