Saying goodbye to the Twitter Live Ranking

Tabata Vossen -

Our Twitter Live Ranking format was shut down in April 2019. In summary, it was costly to keep up with Twitter's API changes and, as a result, we did not believe that this was the allocation of resources that delivered the most value to our clients. Some features just don't work out as planned.

Why we've removed the Twitter Live Ranking

How did we come to the conclusion that the Twitter Live Ranking format wasn't really providing value and that we'd be better off without it?

The first thing we did was take a look at the usage data on this format. As it turned out, it wasn't really being used, as it had barely more campaigns than the ones we created to test it. That's when we really started considering turning it off.

Besides, the Twitter Live Ranking wasn't really part of our core product. With our ambition to become Europe's leading data collection platform, we weren't prepared to maintain this existing format that did not allow users to collect customer data.

We are confident that removing the Twitter Live Ranking will help us focus on our core value proposition and launch better, more wanted formats.

Can I retrieve my campaigns?

We made sure that no more Twitter Live Ranking campaigns were active before turning it off. Your Twitter Live Ranking campaigns are still visible in your account, but you are no longer able to duplicate them, preview them or create a new Twitter Live Ranking.

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