GDPR: Using an opt-in checkbox as consent for tracking scripts

Tabata Vossen -

Are you looking to enable a tracking script after consent is given? According to the GDPR (and the way we interpret it), this would be good practice. But if you don't have a CMP, it can be complicated to implement. This article will provide Marketers and Admins with step-by-step instructions on how to enable tracking scripts after consent is given with Qualifio.

The proper practice would be to wait until a user checks a consent box before placing a tracking script, e.g. for retargeting purposes. This can be done by providing participants with the possibility to opt into this tracking script. In our case, it would take the form of a checkbox and the user should tick it.

At Qualifio, we used the script from the Facebook Pixel for the sake of this example, but the logic is the same for any tracking script:

  1. User enters campaign
  2. Fills out a form
  3. Ticks consent checkbox
  4. Form is validated
  5. Tracking script is fired on each following page of the campaign.

Note: Some prerequisites are 1) a campaign with an identification form, and 2) carefully considering the position of that form (e.g. if the form is shown after the questionnaire, which is the default option in Qualifio, you will not be able to track this questionnaire).

Step 1. Don't install tracking scripts by default

Tracking scripts in a Qualifio campaign are usually placed in the "Channels" step, under "Tags". You should double check that your tracking script isn't already installed in this tab, which would enable it on virtually all pages of your campaign.


Step 2. Configure your opt-in to trigger your tracking scripts when consent is accepted

  1. Create or edit an opt-in via the Opt-in Manager
  2. Paste your tracking script in the "Tracking" tab of that opt-in
  3. Save your changes


Then, you can go on and attach this opt-in to your campaign. This can be done in your campaign, in the "Form" step, below "Opt-ins". Please note that your opt-in has to be set up in the same language as that of your campaign, otherwise it will not be shown in the list of available opt-ins.

Step 3. Test in Qualifio preview mode

If everything is done correctly, the script should not be placed on pages before consent is given.

In preview mode, go to your campaign. Before validating the form, accept the consent. Check if the tracking script is enabled only after consent is given by the user. (Or, don't accept the consent and check that the tracking script isn't enabled further in your campaign.)

Note: Don't forget to clear/purge statistics for your campaign before going live!