About Promotional Pop-Ups

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Promotional Pop-Ups are designed to deliver important messages and to redirect visitors to where you want them to go.

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This slideshow provides easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, demonstrating how to create a Promotional Pop-Up using Qualifio:

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What are the different pop-up layouts?


The pop-up is the traditional pop-up that appears in the centre of the screen. This type is meant for your most important information as it completely alters the reading experience. When you use this pop-up, make sure it’s for a good reason.

The bottom bar is a pop-up that sticks to the bottom of your page. If you want to deliver a message, but it’s not worth stopping the reader in their tracks, this is the most subtle and least intrusive approach.

COMING SOON! Later, we will also have a bar that will stick to the top of your page.

Customising the style of your pop-ups

To customise the style of your pop-up, click Edit the promotional pop-up.

Our Promotional Pop-Ups were designed with busy marketers in mind. With just a few clicks, you can

  • choose one of our pre-made templates:


  • customise it to your preferences:


  • publish your pop-up (see instructions below).
  • start engaging your website visitors. It's really that simple!

Where and when to show my pop-up?

Create hyper-targeted pop-ups with our triggering options. See article → 

Publishing your pop-ups

It is only possible to publish Promotional pop-ups on your custom domain. The publication of pop-ups is not compatible with the subdomains of qualifioapp.com.

The publication of your pop-ups is done thanks to a one-tag integration. Once integrated into your site, the tag automatically publishes your pop-ups and tracks visitors' behaviour towards them.

  • Go to SettingsSites Management.
  • Copy the one-tag integration script to the footer of your site or add it via your tag manager.


There is a setting in various ad-blocking software programs that automatically blocks Google Tag Manager. If you are using Google Tag Manager to load your Qualifio one-tag integration script onto your website, it may be being blocked by this setting, and some of your visitors may not see your pop-ups.

Note on user access rights

By default, only Admin and Marketeer users can create Promotional Pop-Ups. A Qualifio account Admin can configure the user rights to modify this rule and grant access to Editors as well via the Settings > User Rights:

The one-tag integration script to publish the pop-ups is only available to Admin users, as it requires permission to access and manage websites within Qualifio.