Admins: Qualifio & Actito native integration

Tabata Vossen -

Hi, Actito Customer! Qualifio has built an integration with Actito.

In order to better serve the growing number of marketers who want to take greater advantage of their Actito automation marketing platform, Qualifio has developed a generic integration that allows all the data collected with our platform to be easily sent to Actito for targeted and profitable marketing campaigns.

Is my Actito configuration eligible for a native integration?

A native integration between Qualifio & Actito is possible if certain conditions are met within your Actito account:

  • You have one Actito Form per database 
  • The unique primary key for a profile is «email address » (unique & mandatory)
  • No other field is mandatory 
  • 15 standard profiles data, identical for all integrations (see dedicated section) 
  • Max. 15 custom profiles data (to be defined) 
  • Max. 20 opt-ins 
  • Presence of 6 technical attributes (identical for all integrations)
  • Presence of 3 RGPD attributes

Centralise your data in Actito

The information collected on your participants is pushed in real time to Actito. This keeps your database up to date and allows you to send relevant campaigns.

How to configure the integration?

Prerequisites: Ask your Actito expert to:

  1. Activate the "Qualifio form" template for your Actito account. Without this, you will not be able to recover your data collected with Qualifio within Actito.
  2. Specify the mandatory fields (primary keys) in the "Actito form" to make them also mandatory in the "Qualifio form"

To add the Actito integration to your Qualifio account, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings, then Integrations & Partners.
  2. Set the Actito integration to ON, then click on Configure:
  3. Define the name of the integration you want to be displayed in Qualifio Manager (e. g. "Actito Integration"). Remember to define a name that means something to your team because it is this name that will appear when they enable integration ("real-time push") in one or more forms.
  4. Under Global, define the Actito variables that are global to your Qualifio account (and therefore applicable to all sites and campaigns) from the configuration kit received from your Actito expert.

    a. Licence is the name of your Actito license.
    b. Entity name is the name of the entity to which the forms belong.
    c. Form name is the name of your form in Actito.
    d. The username includes a customer ID as well as a user ID.
    e. Password.
    Note: All this information must be provided to you by your Actito expert. Qualifio cannot help you to retrieve these elements.
  5. By default, all your Qualifio sites will use the form filled in under the Global tab. If you have several forms for your Actito account, they can be associated with a particular site in Qualifio. For example, you could have a "Sports" form in Actito, which will be associated with your "Sports" site in Qualifio. In this case, you must associate the desired Actito form with the site in question. You can do this under the "By website" section. Please ask your Actito expert for more information.


About data mapping

Standard profile (form) data

Description Qualifio Variable Actito Variable Comment
First name {firstname} firstName String (64) – no special characters
Last name {lastname} lastName  String (64) – no special characters
Email address {email}  emailAddress  Email address – mandatory field
Street {address}  addressStreet String (225)
Street number {number}  addressNumber String (10)
Box {box} addressBox String (10)
Postal code {zip} addressPostalCode String (10)
Locality {locality} addressLocality String (50)
Country {country} addressCountry  ISO 3166-2
Birthdate {birthday} birthDate yyyy-mm-dd
Gender {gender} sex "M" or "F"*
Job {function} profession String
Phone number {phone} telephoneNumber International prefix+Phone number**
Company {company} company String


* Important: For the "Gender" or "Sex" field, only the values "M" and "F" (in upper case) will be passed to Actito. To ensure that the push works properly, you must absolutely configure these values in your form field, as follows:


** Attention : For the "Phone" field, Actito expected format is "international prefix + phone number". To make sure the push works correctly, the "Phone" field must be configured as follows:


In the validation tab, you must enter the following entry mask: "+32 99 99 99 99" (for Belgium) or "+34 999 99 99 99" (for Spain), etc... More information about numeric/alphanumerical field configuration?

Custom profile (form) data

You can add as many custom fields as you wish to your form (e.g. favorite football team, number of dogs, loyalty card number, etc.)

By following a specific naming convention for the variables associated with these custom fields in Qualifio (e. g. "actito_footballteam"), this information can be sent directly with this name in Actito (e. g. "footballteam").

How to do it in Qualifio? To associate a variable of the type {actito_ABCD} with a form field, you must create a custom SSO variable in Qualifio and then associate it with your form field. This is a vital element for pushing information to Actito.

Below an example:

Form field SSO variable in Qualifio Actito Question Comment
What's your favourite football team? {actito_footballTeam} footballTeam Alphanumeric field - character string
How many dogs do you own? {actito_dogs} dogs Drop-down list with the following answer options: 0, 1, 2, 3+
Cellphone number {actito_gsmNumber}  gsmNumber Alphanumeric field with validation entry mask "International prefix + exact number of digits". In Belgium: “+32 999 99 99 99”


Opt-ins and subscriptions

Opt-ins are managed from Qualifio's Opt-in Manager.

Important: You must associate an SSO variable to each opt-in.

Opt-in name Opt-in text Qualifio SSO variable Actito subscription
Newsletter opt-in Yes, I would like to receive the newsletter optin_newsletter Newsletter
Partners opt-in Yes, I would like to receive information and tips from partners optin_partners Partners


Campaign data

Description Actito technical question Value
Source source "Qualifio"
Update Source updateSource "Qualifio"
Campaign ID way Qualifio campaign ID
Participation date and time date YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss
Campaign title surveyName String (the title you gave to your campaign in Qualifio)
Campaign type ID surveyType Numerical value, e. g. "13", corresponding to a campaign type on the Qualifio side
Time of participation surveyDate YYYY-MM-DD
Campaign language motherLanguage ISO 639-1
Device deviceName desktop / mobile
User Agent userAgent e.g. "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/74.0.3729.169 Safari/537.36"


How to activate the push in your campaigns?

Once configured, the integration will be available in

  • Editing the campaign: Form step > Data connections. Don't forget to select your opt-ins in the campaign (Form step, too)
  • Documents > Identification forms > Master forms > Edit > Data connections.


For more information about Actito integration, contact your Qualifio expert or your Actito expert!