Non-Admins: A practical guide to using the Actito integration

Tabata Vossen -

Do you use Actito as a marketing automation platform? Discover our integration with Actito!

In order to better serve the growing number of marketers who want to take greater advantage of their Actito automation marketing platform, Qualifio has developed a generic integration that allows all the data collected with our platform to be easily sent to Actito for targeted and profitable marketing campaigns.

Centralize your data in Actito

The information collected on your participants is pushed in real time to Actito. This keeps your database up to date and allows you to send relevant campaigns.

How to use the integration?

Prerequisites: The Actito integration must have been correctly configured for your Qualifio account. For more information, contact your Account Administrator or Qualifio expert.

The integration is then available in the Form step of your campaign, under the Data connections tab:


Don't forget to activate the opt-ins you want to send to Actito. This can be done a little further down in the options, under the Opt-ins tab: