What is a pop-up trigger?

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Triggers control when your pop-up will be displayed. Once the trigger event occurs, your pop-up will display on your website. Each pop-up can have multiple triggers.

How to set a trigger for your pop-up

Pop-up triggers are set in your pop-up campaign, under the Triggers step.


What are the available triggers?

It is only possible to publish Promotional pop-ups on your custom domain. The publication of pop-ups is not compatible with the subdomains of qualifioapp.com.

Our Promotional Pop-Ups allow you to target specific posts, pages, and categories of your website. The URL matching feature provides you with 3 targeting options:

  • URL is
  • URL starts with
  • URL contains


Please note that we use "or..." with display rules, which means that the pop-up will automatically display when any of the triggers are met.


  • Description: When using the "URL is..." targeting option, every character in your URL, from beginning to end, must match the entered value in order for the pop-up to display.
  • Use case: Target a specific page on your site. In the screenshot below, the pop-up would display only on the URL https://qualifio.com/about-us/ and nowhere else.


Starts with

  • Description: The "URL starts with..." targeting option matches identical characters from the beginning of the URL.
  • Use case: Target all pages that have a URL which starts with the entered text.

For instance, all pages that are on your Spanish website:


In the screenshot above, our pop-up would display on https://qualifio.com/es/, on https://qualifio.com/es/servicios/ and on https://qualifio.com/es/servicios/planes/ since they all start with qualifio.com/es/.

Or all pages that are part of your "Product" category:


In this screenshot, our pop-up would display on https://qualifio.com/product/, on https://qualifio.com/product/campaign-formats/ and on https://qualifio.com/product/features/, but it wouldn't display on https://qualifio.com/features/product/ since the URL doesn't start with qualifio.com/product/ (it does not have the same subdirectory).


  • Description: The "URL contains..." targeting option allows you to target any occurrence of a word or string.
  • Use case: Target all pages which contain the entered text.


In this screenshot, our pop-up would display on https://qualifio.com/product/campaign-formats/quiz/, on https://qualifio.com/product/campaign-formats/chrono-quiz/, as well as on any other URL that contains the word quiz.

We could also imagine this URL targeting option would be useful in case you wanted to show your pop-up only to visitors coming from Facebook and you have a UTM parameter to identify them ("utm_source=facebook"). You could have a display rule that states:


Trigger templates

Trigger templates allow you to create sets of trigger rules and reuse them. Although there are no pre-defined trigger templates in your account, you can create your own.

Creating a trigger template

You can create a new trigger template in your DocumentsTrigger templates or during the process of creating your pop-up campaign. In the latter, you can begin by selecting an existing template or create one from scratch.


Managing trigger templates

Your trigger templates can be found in DocumentsTrigger templates where, in addition to creating new ones, you can filter, modify or delete templates. To view or edit a trigger template's display rules, click the edit icon next to the entry. Screenshot_2019-07-10_at_11.08.14.png

Additional considerations

What happens if several pop-ups share the same trigger rules?

Let's say you create two different pop-ups in your account. The first one is named "Pop-Up A" and the second "Pop-Up B":


For both of them, let's imagine there is a trigger rule stating that the pop-up should be triggered when the URL is domain.com/subfolder.


Which one will display on this page? There can only be one pop-up triggered on a specific page, so we will always show the most recent one. In this example, if Pop-Up A was created on 23 June and Pop-Up B on 24 June, then Pop-Up B will be shown to visitors.

I set up my pop-up so it will stop displaying after the user sees it, closes it or clicks the link. How long is the cookie saved?

We're using a cookie to remember that the user saw, closed or clicked on the pop-up. The cookie is valid for a term of one month. Pop-ups controlled by this cookie can redisplay before the cookie expires if the cookie is cleared from the visitor's browser.

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