Admins: OpenField integration overview

Tabata Vossen -

Connect your identified campaigns created in Qualifio with the Openfield platform. Once the integration is configured, the login/signup screen will be displayed each time a participant takes part in a Qualifio campaign for which the integration was enabled.

Possible scenarios


When the integration is enabled for the campaign, the participant faces one of 3 scenarios below:

1. The user is not logged in, but has an account

A call to the Openfield webservice allows us to identify this person and retrieve their data to prefill the Qualifio form.

Depending on the settings you selected for this form, the participant will have the option to change their data before submitting the form. The entire file is then returned in such a way that existing data is overwritten and the profile is updated in your database.

2. The user does not have an account yet and needs to create a new one

The profile is created and pushed in Openfield after submitting the Qualifio campaign form (via the "Create" method of the Openfield webservice).

3. The user has an account but has forgotten their password

The user is redirected to your password reset page so that they can create a new one.


Enabling the OpenField integration from Qualifio

Connecting Openfield to your Qualifio account

  1. Click on your Settings -> Integrations & Partners
  2. Click SSO
  3. Choose Openfield from the integrations list
  4. Click the OFF/ON button to enable the integration, then click Configure
  5. Under Global, fill out the following fields:
    - URL Redirection Forget Password:
    - idTenant Openfield
    - IdApplication Openfield
    - URL Openfield
  6. Click Save

NOTE: Qualifio requires and will use these fields to authenticate with your specific Openfield account and its particular configuration. This information would be provided by your Openfield Expert.

Enabling the Openfield integration for a website, Master Form or campaign

Once configured, the integration will be available in Settings > Push rules.

Further details on how to manage push rules can be found here.

Supported data

Background data

Openfield webservice parameter Description
Party.PartyType Fixed value "Person"
Party.Version Versionning value
Party.LanguageId Qualifio campaign's language 

Form fields

Qualifio variable

Openfield webservice parameter

Description or example

CRM variable:


CRM variable:{username}



CRM variable:{password}



CRM variable:{firstname}



CRM variable:{lastname}



CRM variable:{country}


ISO ALPHA-3 country code
(e.g. BEL for Belgium)

CRM variable:{locality}


City/locality (e.g. Brussels)

CRM variable:{zipcode}


Postal code (e.g. 1000)

CRM variable:{address}


Street name + number

CRM variable:


"H" or "F"*

CRM variable:{birthday}


DDMMYYYY format (e.g. 01082019 for August 1, 2019)
SSO variable:


"M" or "MME"**

* Important: For the "Gender" field, only the values "H" and "F" (in upper case) will be passed to Openfield. To ensure that the push works properly, you must absolutely configure these values in your form field, as follows:


** Important: For the "Civility" field, only the values "M" and "MME" (in upper case) will be passed to Openfield. To ensure that the push works properly, you must absolutely configure these values in your form field, as follows:



Opt-ins are managed from Qualifio's Opt-ins section.

Qualifio only pushes opt-ins that have been selected by the participant. Opt-ins are pushed under "Services": 

"Services": [{
    	"ActivationDate": "2017-01-01T00:00:00",
    	"ServiceId": "Partners",
    	"ServiceStatus": true,
    	"ServiceTypeId": "OPTINS"
}, {
    	"ActivationDate": "2017-01-01T00:00:00",
    	"ServiceId": "Newsletter",
    	"ServiceStatus": true,
    	"ServiceTypeId": "OPTINS"
Openfield webservice parameter Description
ActivationDate Participation date and time
ServiceStatus Fixed value "true"
ServiceTypeId Fixed value "OPTINS"
ServiceId Code of the SSO variable (see examples below)

Important: You must associate an SSO variable to each opt-in.

Opt-in name Opt-in text Qualifio SSO variable Openfield ServiceId
Newsletter opt-in Yes, I would like to receive the newsletter optin_newsletter Newsletter
Partners opt-in Yes, I would like to receive information and tips from partners optin_partners Partners


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