IP whitelisting

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An IP whitelist is a list of trusted IP addresses from which your web services can be accessed. In the context of using Qualifio, this security feature is used for your integrations, more specifically to send data to your database.

Qualifio is currently investing in enhancing its infrastructure and making changes designed to increase service availability and decrease service latency for many users. As a result of this enhancement, our IP addresses will be changing. To authorise our new IPs to log in to your web services, you will need to whitelist them. Please be sure to update this list for our new IP addresses, as these changes go into full effect on October 22, 2019.


Short answer: To enable your integrations to work. 

Integrations may require whitelisting of the appropriate IP addresses to ensure proper functionality. If our IP addresses are not whitelisted, we may be denied access to your web services and we will not be able to push data.

How can I set it up?

Check with your technical team or the developer who's responsible for maintaining the IP whitelist. Ensure that the following IP addresses are added to your whitelist:


Note: All of these IP addresses should be whitelisted to ensure that your integrations with Qualifio are uninterrupted. If you have not whitelisted the above IP addresses, all your data integrations will stop working until the whitelisting has been completed. 

Do I need to whitelist all those IP addresses?

Yes. The goal of having that many different IP addresses is to stop relying on a single location to communicate with your servers. This will help us achieve geo-redundancy to avoid downtime due to a single data centre being down –ultimately providing a better experience for our users and end-users. For this purpose, we'll start using several new IP addresses to carry out integrations and data push activities. So that, if we experience a local outage, our services can be taken over and continued without interruption by another data centre.


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