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The Qualifio - Lotame integration is currently a Beta Feature. You must contact your Qualifio Expert to enable this integration and define the pixel to be integrated. We can give you early access, even though the work isn't 100% finished and there might still be bugs or weaknesses.

What does the Lotame integration do?

This integration adds your Lotame pixel in your campaigns.

Once integrated, the Lotame pixel will be executed as soon as the first page of your campaign is displayed.


Visit Settings → Integrations & Partners, and make sure Lotame is enabled.

To configure the integration, click Configure.

Specify your Lotame client ID

Specify your Client ID that you received from Lotame in there:


If you're not sure where to find this information, please coordinate with Lotame.

You may enter a default Client ID for your whole account, or a unique Client ID per website. We will use the most accurate ID possible, so the Default ID if not found at the website level. In other words, if you don’t provide an ID by website, we will use the Default ID.

Update data mapping

Qualifio fields need to be mapped to Lotame in order to have them available for your DMP.

To define a data mapping for a new campaign, in your Qualifio account, select the Lotame logo next to your campaign title:


Define Lotame data mapping

The data mapping is an essential piece of your DMP integration. It is necessary so that we can send your data to Lotame.

In order to create a data mapping for your campaign, you will be presented with a field for each

  • question
  • form field
  • qualification question
  • opt-in
  • campaign theme
  • profile, in case you have a personality test campaign.

You must provide a key for each field you want to collect in Lotame, and then you can specify the different rules and values that will be sent to the DMP.

The following is an example of a data mapping screen:


For each question and form field, you can define

  • Keys give information about the desired destination of the data. They must match a parameter that is supported by Lotame.
  • Rules state how we should treat the data related to a specific question or form field.
  • Values determine what data needs to be sent to your DMP.



  • Key was specified (e.g. celeb-netflix).
  • Rule was selected – we will send the label of the answer chosen by the participant (e.g. Robert Pattinson).
  • No values are required since we already know what data will be sent to the DMP.


  • Key was specified (e.g. diameter-earth).
  • Rule was selected – we will send a specific value to the DMP (e.g. "11" if the participant selected "11,000 km" as an answer).
  • Values to be sent were entered – for each answer to this question, we needed to know what specific value we have to return.


If an answer doesn't have a value, the mapping is not applied. No data will be sent for this specific answer.


  • Key was specified (e.g. math-apples).
  • In this case, as we're dealing with an open-ended question, we can either return the answer that was entered by the participant.

Form fields


  • A key was specified for each form field. For example, here we mapped the field First name to a field named first-name. In some cases, the field names might be the same in both systems, but it is not always so.
  • The selected rule is "Return answer filled" – we will send the participant's full entry to each of these fields to your DMP.

While the examples above should cover most of your mapping needs, you can optionally choose for us to return a custom (static) value that you specify:


This is convenient for static values that don't change from one participation to another: when this rule is applied, we send the same unique value for all participations –whatever the participant's actual answer was.



Only one rule can be applied to opt-ins: we will return a unique value, which will only be sent in case the participant agrees to your opt-in. In the example above, we will send "yes" if the participant subscribed to your newsletter. In case they do not, we will not send anything.

Only when you save your mapping will the Lotame integration be active for this campaign. A check mark will indicate that the integration is enabled for this campaign:


Limitations of the Beta version

  • Matrix questions and upload fields are not supported at this time. 
  • There is no template management: the data mapping is to be done for each campaign for which you want to enable the integration.
  • It is not possible to use different data mappings for the same campaign. If your campaign is to be published on 2 channels and you want a different mapping for each channel, you can however duplicate your campaign to have one channel per campaign. You can then make 2 different mappings.
  • Campaign Themes are not automatically transferred: the value sent to the DMP is not inherited from the configuration made in Qualifio.
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