Saying goodbye to the Facebook voting feature

Olivier de Lamotte -

Our Facebook voting feature was removed from all user-generated campaign formats in October 2019. The most obvious reason was lack of use. Furthermore, as events and needs changed, this feature had become somewhat irrelevant. It was time to say goodbye.

Sometimes, less is more

We're always working hard to improve your Qualifio experience. Every once in a while, this means that we have features that we need to remove.

In this case, Facebook had been making the rate limit stricter for a while so the number of API calls we could make to crawl the number of likes on each submission had become limited. In these circumstances, keeping this feature alive and trying to keep gathering accurate data for votes on photo and video contests would have been impossible on our side. Which is why, after some discussions, we decided to remove the feature altogether.

The good news is, all other voting methods are still available!


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