How to get an SSL certificate for your Qualifio website

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What is an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a global standard security technology that enables websites to move from HTTP to HTTPS.

Now, let’s talk about why it is a big deal.

First of all, that extra “s” makes a website more secure and more trustworthy from a user’s perspective. Indeed, most browsers have started tagging HTTP sites as “not secure”:


An SSL certificate is a small data file hosted in a website’s server that provides authentication for websites (to verify the owner of the website and guarantee visitors that they’re not on a fake site).

It also makes SSL/TLS encryption possible (to secure data that’s being transmitted between the browser and the web server). This is why, when you request personal information from a user, such as an email address, you should have an SSL certificate on your website – to protect your participants’ data and privacy.

How can I get an SSL certificate for my Qualifio website?

Qualifio made HTTPS encryption mandatory in 2019. As a convenience tool to help you get your campaigns up and running, all websites include an SSL certificate by default.

It typically takes three hours to issue a new certificate, but the issuance time can depend on many factors.

Is it possible to use my own SSL certificate?

Yes. Currently, Qualifio handles customised SSL certificates for Gold and Platinum customers. If you wish to use your own SSL certificate, you may purchase this service by speaking with your Customer Success Manager.

For most, the default SSL certificate will cover it. But depending on your company and industry, it may be worth talking with your IT team to ensure you’re meeting the specific SSL certificate requirements.

Where do I buy an SSL certificate?

You need to request an SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA). You may also be able to purchase one from your website hosting provider.

Once the certificate is issued, it needs to be installed and activated on the website. Our team would usually handle this part for you.

What information is required for installation?

You will need to send us the following information:

  • the domain name you want to secure with your SSL certificate,
  • the certificate you received from the CA for your domain,
  • your intermediate certificate(s) (these allow browsers and devices to understand who issued your certificate),
  • and your private key.

If you got your certificate in a ZIP folder, it should also contain the intermediate certificate(s) and your private key.

To make sure your data is protected from unauthorised access, you should create an encrypted (password-protected) ZIP file before sending it to us.

We also need the password, which you need to communicate securely, e.g. via a password manager or over the phone.

How long does it take?

Our team will handle this for you within three business days.

Note: This is the average time it takes for the installation of an SSL certificate. The actual process time depends on the speed with which you provide the information above.

Once the certificate is activated, your campaigns will be able to load over HTTPS, and all traffic will be encrypted and secure.

Keep in mind: Most certificates expire every year, so make sure they stay up to date. Because these certificates are not managed by Qualifio, they must be manually renewed in advance of expiration.

If you have any questions about SSL certificates for your Qualifio websites, please submit a technical support ticket

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