Announcement: the co-registration feature is going away

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Each version of Qualifio adds new features and improvements. Occasionally, we also remove features, often because their usage is low. This post is to give you some information about the co-registration feature, which we’ve discontinued and removed in June 2021.

We have important news to share! As part of our work to reduce the complexity of Qualifio for our current users, we’ve decided to remove the co-registration (or “co-reg”) feature.

This Qualifio standard feature allowed participants to opt-in for a newsletter from another company while taking part in your campaign. The offer was shown after the registration form.

Co-registration integrations can still be used. Though these work a bit differently, they’re a great alternative to our native feature for co-registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did this happen?

The co-registration feature was removed on June 24, 2021.

Why was this needed?

  • Our research told us that this feature (really) wasn’t very widely used.
  • As the flow resulted in some complications, and since maintenance is a never-ending task, we came to the realisation that the co-registration feature was not meeting our own bar for the quality we strive to deliver in our product.
  • Given the existence of expert solutions in the market, we believe integrations with those can give your team much better ways to help your partners gain new subscribers.

In the past, our co-registration feature was the only way to have this type of lead generation campaign in Qualifio. But there have been new kids on the block for a while now. Our co-registration integrations (MyCoreg, Gooptin, DualOptin, Captch Me to name a few) are a great alternative if you’re looking to help your partners build their list quickly.

Are you planning on bringing the co-registration feature back at any point?

No. We do not expect co-registration to be a thing in the future of Qualifio. We decided it was best to focus our efforts on other product areas. This decision will allow us to invest and move with greater velocity in key product competencies.

What do I need to do?

You don’t need to do anything. But if you have any questions or concerns, please submit a ticket.

Thank you for being part of the Qualifio community.

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