How to use a Qualifio quiz or game during events?

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Trade fairs, exhibitions and other events are amazing opportunities for your audiences to have fun and learn about your products or services. Here’s what you should pay attention to when creating a Qualifio campaign for a live event.

Ideal for...

  • Making your event or exhibition stand more dynamic with a live online experience: our quizzes, games and polls are designed to drive engagement.
  • Testing your audience’s knowledge, learning what interests them and what drives their curiosity.
  • Keeping people engaged with your brand after the event by rewarding them. (Because sometimes, they just need an extra bit of motivation.)


We’re always amazed at how creative our community is. Let’s show you one of our favourite examples, by Eggo Kitchen:

They’re keen users of Qualifio to engage their fans with quizzes – and regularly create contests that help them segment audiences and optimise retargeting, like this “What’s your kitchen personality?” test.

What should you pay attention to before creating a Qualifio campaign for a live event?

  • WiFi and internet connection: have you ever attended a business and trade conference and failed to get even a basic WiFi connection? Technically, the success of your Qualifio campaign depends on it, so make sure you have a fast, reliable internet connection.
  • Event hosts and hostesses: optimise the mission of your event staff by making sure they are trained in the use of your campaign and are able to guide guests on your digital tablets, for instance.
  • Device type: equipment at trade shows, events and conferences can also be tricky. You should check well in advance what type of device you’ll be using – that way we can make sure your event campaign setup goes as smoothly as possible.

Comparison: standard devices versus event-specific devices

  Examples Remarks
Standard devices Computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone Qualifio supports a wide variety of web browsers. Check the browser compatibility page
Live event devices Kiosk, curved display, digital display totem and other promotional boards With such devices, a JavaScript embed might not do the job. We might need to adjust design and integration requirements to your device type.

Create an online quiz for your live event

So you’ve decided to organise or take part in a conference. Quite a task! To get started, choose your campaign type and create a campaign in Qualifio.

Qualifio campaigns have successfully supported campaigns with thousands of concurrent users. Though many users can usually be simultaneously allowed to participate in a campaign, live events are a bit different in the sense that users usually participate one after the other from a single device.

How many questions should be on your campaign?

If you’re planning on using a quiz, poll or test, there’s no limit to questions – though we do recommend between 5 and 10 questions, depending on the format. Many times, 5 questions or so will do the job. While there is not one specific number of questions that applies to all situations, you don’t want your participants to quit halfway.

What settings should you choose?

So, what settings should you choose? We’ve prepared this guide to make your job a lot easier.

  • Avoid external links that might disrupt the campaign flow and take users to a different app or view.
  • Create a landing page with a language selector if your campaign has to be available in different languages. You can then translate the content of your Qualifio campaign into multiple languages and allow visitors to select their preferred language.
  • Activate the feature to show the home button at the top right side of your campaign. Also: clear the form cache to reset the form when participants click that “Home” button.
  • Responsive design: replace your background image with a banner + footer combo for small screens such as mobile phones and tablets. Just getting started with Qualifio design? Awesome! We want to teach you the basics – read our best practices for campaign design.
  • Create a custom exit screen with an auto-redirect back to the homepage for the next participant.
  • Similarly, you can redirect to the campaign homepage when the session expires (timeout). The automatic redirect on session timeout can be configured with a bit of coding.

Test your campaign before going live

Finally, it’s always a good practice to test everything – even more so before a live event. We strongly suggest you perform a test in a scenario that is identical, or as close as possible, to what will occur during the event. Sadly, real life is never as simple as we'd like and many issues can arise once the campaign is implemented into a live environment. This is why, before you go live, you should conduct a few tests to evaluate the working of the campaign in the real world.

How far ahead should you be organising your campaign for a live event?

If you’re organising or participating in a live event, please get in touch with your commercial contact or with Qualifio’s support team.

Kindly provide us with the following:

  • what device (or browser) you’ll be using,
  • the date you would like to start the campaign (estimated timeline),
  • what kind of campaign you will be creating,
  • the estimated volume of users and/or traffic,
  • details of the appropriate contact person.

For large events or conferences, you should submit your request a minimum of three weeks in advance. Extra costs might be applicable for a specific event campaign.


If you have any questions about Qualifio or specifically about Qualifio for live events, our specialists will be able to help you.

Good luck with your event!

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