How to set up the rewards?

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Setting up rewards for your members is a very useful incentive to offer, especially for members who consistently interact with your brand and/or place big orders. Follow the steps in this guide to learn more.

Your program members receive points for every interaction they make. Points can then be redeemed for rewards and special perks.

Tip: Offer meaningful, personalised rewards whenever you can. A Qualifio program isn’t just about giving rewards; it’s about showing your members that you appreciate them. So get creative and incorporate personalised products and experiences!

Create rewards

To add a reward to your program:

  1. In the programs tab, select a program.
  2. In the Rewards section, click the + button.
  3. Enter a name for your reward. This is visible to your members.
  4. Enter a description. This is visible to your members, too.
  5. Set a reward image. This is also an important member-facing final touch.
  6. Once you have finished, click the Save button. Repeat these steps for any other rewards.


Add promo codes via data import

Promo codes are how your members will be receiving their rewards. To add promo codes, click on Upload codes.


The CSV file requires data to be in a specific format to apply to rewards successfully.


⭐ Make sure that the CSV file includes information only in one column and that your codes do not contain commas (,). Since the CSV file separates the different fields with commas, commas can cause errors.

After uploading your first list of unique reward codes, you can still import new ones.

If you added too many codes, you can delete them by clicking on the bin icon on the right (deletes codes from that one file) or on the red button on the bottom left (deletes codes from all files). These actions will delete only the remaining, unused codes.


⭐ We highly recommend using the Qualifio platform to create unique codes. The list of codes can then be exported and uploaded to your Qualifio program.

Burning rules

Burning rules determine exactly how your members will be burning their points. To configure a burning rule, see Burning rules – Reward redemption.

Add rewards to your member portal

In the Editor section, there is a widget titled “Reward catalogue”. The purpose of the reward catalogue is to show your members a selection of rewards they can redeem their points against.

For that, you need to consider a few things:

  • Members will only be able to see this catalogue once the widget is added to your portal.
  • Members will only see the portal when they have logged into their accounts.
  • If the reward doesn’t have at least one code to be used, members cannot redeem the reward. They will see the reward as sold out.
  • These rewards will only appear if the member meets the criteria required to redeem them (e.g. sufficient balance, VIP level/tier…). This is controlled by the criteria of your burning rules.


👍🏼 If any changes are made to your rewards that will affect the widget, the member portal will automatically update the content according to these changes.

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