Collecting IP addresses in forms

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Wondering about tracking the IP addresses of the participants in Qualifio forms but keeping this field hidden from them? Let’s dig deeper into our dedicated hidden field!

You can collect IP addresses as follows:

  • In reports and exported data: when someone takes part in one of your identified campaigns, Qualifio collects their IP address by default. When you view or download the data, you will see each participant’s IP address under the Participants tab.

    To comply with the GDPR regulation,
    • this setting is off by default in anonymous campaigns (you can choose to enable collecting IP addresses in anonymous campaigns – read more on this page),
    • and our system hashes IP addresses in reports.

  • In forms: if you really want to trace the IP address of your campaign participants, then you can try the alternative “IP address (hidden)” form field.
Keep in mind that IP addresses are considered personal data, particularly by the GDPR. Please ensure with your legal department that you are entitled to collect IP addresses from your participants before doing so.

A step-by-step guide for collecting the IP address of participants in Qualifio forms

  1. Create or open a form.
  2. Add a form field. This will open the list of available field types.
  3. Choose the IP address (hidden) field, which is located under the Identification section.
  4. After you add the field to your form, you can see various settings. You can rename the label; it will not display to participants.
  5. Save.

That's it! This field is not visible to your participants, but it can be used to store their IP (IPv4) address if you want to get this information upon the form submission. As with any other field, it also supports the use of mapping variables for integration purposes (i.e. if you want to pass this data to your database or web service).

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