Using the Qualifio Tag Library without a tag manager

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This article gives information about implementing analytics and marketing tags directly in Qualifio Engage (without using a tag manager).

Be aware that this is an implementation guide for those who have a CMP script tag and a Qualifio Engage account with the Tag Library enabled. Please see here for more information.

Using a tag manager is the preferred method for implementing tags in Qualifio, as it gives you more flexibility in how and when to deploy tags. For more information, see Using the Qualifio Tag Library with a tag manager.

About the integration with consent management platforms (CMP)

With the GDPR, ePrivacy and other data privacy regulations, prior consent needs to be collected for tracking scripts. Consent management platforms – also known as “CMPs” – make it possible to prompt users for consent to cookies and to let them adjust consent decisions for specific purposes (typically via a pop-up or a banner).

To use Qualifio in compliance with applicate data privacy laws, all customers are thus encouraged to use a CMP to capture consent preferences. Read on to learn how to integrate your CMP with Qualifio’s Tag Library and enforce privacy settings for tags.

A CMP integration happens in two parts:

  • Installation of the CMP script tag: Implement your CMP script in the Tag Library.
  • Installation of other third-party tags: Ensure the tags will only fire after the associated CMP service is consented to.

Step 1 – Installation of the CMP script tag

First, you have to create a new tag, in which the code for the CMP script will be saved.

To do this,

  1. Access Settings > Tag Library > Tags.
  2. Create a new tag and enter a name for it.
  3. Get your CMP installation tag and insert it into the “Head” and/or “Body” of the tag.
  4. Click on Save.

Step 2 – Installation of other third-party tags

Now that you have a CMP tag installed in your Qualifio account, you’ll also want to add other third-party tags in a “CMP-ready” way.

  1. From Tags, let's create a new tag.
  2. Give it an appropriate name.
  3. Insert the code of your tag.
  4. Add your CMP "blocker".
    🚨 Note: This step is strictly necessary to ensure that scripts are disabled and can then be enabled by the CMP as soon as consent is given. Here's how it works for the following providers:
  5. Click on Save.
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