Normalising postal codes: Populating city based on the entered ZIP

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What is postal code normalisation?

Postal code, or ZIP code, normalisation is a method to check and populate the city when the postal code is typed.

Simply put, you ask participants for a postal code and display the relevant cities so that they don’t need to enter it.

Why is it helpful?

  1. Reliable data: If you want to ensure the data you’re capturing is accurate, the best solution is usually to normalise postal codes to validate the geographical area of participants.
  2. Great for user experience: Most address fields on web forms ask for city and postal code. But the city is redundant with the postal code. Or at least, it can be inferred from a correctly entered postal code. Enter postal code normalisation. Participants only have to enter their postal code and based on that, the City field will automatically be populated.

Support of international addressing for all countries

Right now, postal code normalisation is only supported for Belgium, France and The Netherlands postal codes.

When several cities share the same postal code, the participant will be able to change the selection.

How to normalise the postal code of a form in my account?

Please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Qualifio with the administrator role. Please ask your account administrator if you would like postal code normalisation to be turned on for your account.
  2. Click Settings > Advanced features.
  3. Toggle ON.
  4. On the Campaigns page, choose an identified campaign from the list.

You should have at least four fields in the form (street, house number, postal code, city).


In Belgium, you might have data such as:


How does this affect participants?

Postal code normalisation has no effect on what participants are allowed to enter in the postal code field, only they just need to enter the postal code and the city will be populated automatically.

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