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In this article, learn about the features that have been removed in the vote campaigns for photo, video and writing contests.

Qualifio constantly evaluates product capabilities to over time reinvent or replace older features with more modern alternatives. Along with the important features that are being added (for example, the Tag Library or the Advanced Formats), occasionally, we have to remove unused, underperforming or high-maintenance features.

Support for the following features was removed on November 15, 2022.

Info: There is currently no replacement or alternative given for the removed features.

Voting system

Voting in a photo/video/writing contest now only allows participants to vote for their one favourite submission.

  • Multiple votes: Voting for more than one submission is no longer possible. You are welcome to allow multiple participations per user in order to let them vote for a second submission.
  • Star ratings: Indicating a rating (1-5 stars) or evaluation (top and flop system) of submission is no longer possible.

Facebook features

Due to a lack of use, the following features are no longer available:

  • Direct Facebook Likes on a submission.
  • Direct Facebook comments on a submission.
  • Counter for Facebook Likes and shares on a submission.
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