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Test members are virtual members who have been granted a tester role in your account. In this article, you can see how you can create a test member so you can test your program as a real member would.

Once you have set up your program, it can be beneficial to create a test profile so you can experience your program from a member’s perspective.

You can create and delete test members through your account settings.


  • Test members’ activities on the portal are not visible to other, real members. They are only visible to other test members.
  • Test members don’t tap into existing promo codes.
  • Test members cannot be converted to real members.

Creating test members

Note: Test members can only be created by account Administrators.

You can create test members in your account by going to the Test members section in the Settings panel and clicking the Create a test member button. This will open a modal that allows you to create a new test member:


Fill in a valid, real email address and click on Submit.

⚠️ Qualifio is not responsible for authenticating members. It is your responsibility to use an email address that can log in to your loyalty program using SSO.

Testing with test members

You can test your program with a test member by signing up for the program using the test member account’s email address.

Once a test member joins a program, they also appear in the CRM of that program:


Managing test members

The Test members screen shows you a list of existing test members and allows you to see the details of any test member.

You also get a list of programs a test member is associated with:


Deleting test members

You can delete a test member as follows:

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Click Test members and check the test member list.
  3. Click the on the right of the test member.
  4. Click the Delete option.
  5. Click Delete in the confirmation box that appears.


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