How to add rich media embeds in a Qualifio portal?

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Do you want to add rich media to your portal to increase members’ engagement? This article shows you how you can embed YouTube videos and Spotify music embeds in your editor.

The Media widget displays embedded rich media such as videos and music. You can embed media from external sources: YouTube and Spotify.

Let’s get started!

Create a media widget

To add an embed media widget:

  1. Click on Editor on the top side of the page.
  2. Once in the Editor, select the Media widget.
  3. Drag the widget from the library and place it anywhere within the layout.
  4. Click Add a media here to insert your URL link. This will be provided for you from the content provider (look for an option to “share” or “embed”). For our example, we’ll embed a YouTube video using our media widget:
    Schermafbeelding_2023-03-07_om_16.46.27.png Tip: If you receive an error upon inserting a URL, make that the link you added comes from YouTube or Spotify.

  5. With Spotify embeds, you may adjust the preview size to your liking. (Don’t worry: you can always change it later.)
  6. Your media widget is now ready. Click the Save and view the result.

And that’s it, you are done!

Note: If you’d like additional text around your video or music embed, you should use the Text widget. See also Editor: How to customise & brand your member portal

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