How to test your campaign before it’s live

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Are you done with the creation of your campaign? Well done! But don’t forget this essential last step: it is now time to test your campaign to make sure everything is working as expected. Follow this guide to find out how 🙂

1. Test all your channels in production 

You can test your campaign in preview, but we recommend that you test your campaign in production as this will be the behaviour that your participants will see. To do so, you can use the appropriate links available in the integration methods buttons.

For a minisite channel, we recommend you use the smart URL for more responsiveness. However, note that you can also use the link of the minisite:

Capture d’écran 2024-06-03 à 14.40.16.pngCapture d’écran 2024-06-03 à 14.40.51.png

For an iframe campaign, you can either use the link available in the Webview tab, or again the smart URL:

Capture d’écran 2024-06-03 à 14.38.00.png

Capture d’écran 2024-06-03 à 14.38.11.png

If you would like to know more about smart URLs, you can find more information in this FAQ.

Careful though: to test the campaign in production, it has to be ON. So if the toggle button of your campaign is greyed out (OFF), don’t forget to click on it so that it is ON (blue).

2. Test the whole flow of the campaign through one (or several) participation(s)

Once you open the link, you can now test whole participation from A to Z. For each step of your campaign, don’t hesitate to compare what you see with what you set up in the back office, for example:

  • If a welcome screen is set up, is it present?
  • If you have content in the buttons (e.g. rules, winners, contact), are the buttons clickable and is the content displayed properly? 
  • If you selected opt-ins in the form step, are they present underneath the form for all the channels?
  • Does the appearance match what you selected in the Look and Feel editor?
  • If you have prizes in an instant win campaign (instant win, jackpot, wheel of fortune), try to win one (you might have to modify the calendar/probabilities to win it 😉 ). 
  • If you set up virality shares, are you able to share your campaigns on the related social media platform?
  • If you have a hyperlink, is it working?
  • If there is a redirection, is it sending you to the right campaign/page?
  • If there is an email in the exit step, did you receive the email after your participation?
  • If you need to push your data to a webhook/integration, is the push rule created and working?
  • (etc.)

As you will understand from the examples above, the idea is to test all the features of your campaign and to make sure you’re not forgetting anything by verifying what you set up in the campaign in parallel. 

Want your testing to be foolproof? Have two people testing the campaign: one who was involved in the creation of the campaign, so that this user will know exactly what to search for, and another person who never saw the campaign before and will test as a real external participant. 

Last little pro tip: don’t forget to test your campaign on mobile also!

3. Check the data you collected

Your test participations are done, it is now time to check the data collected from these. To do so, you have several options: 

  • Have a look at the stats saved in Qualifio, most importantly the detailed report which will show you the list of participations.
    Capture d’écran 2024-06-03 à 17.24.08.png
    In the list of participations, make sure your test participations are there, and that they contain the data you entered in the campaign (answers to the quiz, data from the form, score if there is one, the V check showing the opt-in has been ticked, UTMs...). 
  • If you activated a push with an integration, check that you’ve received the data in your endpoint. 

4. One last step before going live

It is now time to put everything back in place: 

  • If you changed the dates of the campaign when testing it, make sure you change them back to have the right ones.
  • Purge your campaign after doing all your tests: this will delete all the participations in your stats and will allow you to start with a fresh campaign. If you win a prize during the campaign, the purge will make the prize available again.
  • If you changed the calendar or probabilities to test and win a prize, don’t forget to change the settings back so that it is the planning/probabilities you had configured in the first place.
  • Did you burn any unique codes while testing (either delivered to you or used to enter the campaign)? If yes, then go to the unique codes list and reset the list so that all codes are available again.
  • And if you’ve done all of this… congratulations! It’s now time to share the result of your hard work with your participants 🙂 !
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