How to use the AI question generator

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What is the status of this feature currently?

Presently, this feature is in its BETA phase and has limited accessibility.

What does the AI question generator do?

The AI question generator automates the process of crafting questions through the application of artificial intelligence.

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Which types of campaigns offer this feature?

You can employ this feature in the following campaign variants:

  • Quizzes (both anonymous and identified)
  • Cumulative quizzes
  • Chrono quizzes (both anonymous and identified)

How do I incorporate AI-generated questions into my campaign?

During the question creation step, there is an option to select "Add AI generated questions." After selecting this, a range of choices becomes available.

Why is providing "Context" important when using this feature?

Offering sufficient context leads to more accurate and relevant questions generated by the AI. For instance, journalists can paste an article's content to generate questions related to it.

How do I generate questions using the AI feature?

Once you're prepared, click the "Generate questions" button. The generation process may take a brief moment. You can generate between 1 and 15 questions, with 2 to 5 potential answers each.

Can I make adjustments to the questions, answers, and correct responses generated by the AI?

Certainly, you have the ability to edit the questions, answers, and correct responses for each question.

How can I use "Refining instructions" with this feature?

"Refining instructions" can be added to guide the AI's behavior. However, it's advisable not to use this for adding extra questions, as you can employ the pop-up function to add questions multiple times.

Important note about detaching a questionnaire:

Currently, if you decide to "Detach a questionnaire," ensure that you "Save" the previous step before generating AI questions. Neglecting to do so might result in the AI-generated questions not being imported into your campaign. This issue will be resolved in the near future.

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